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Prepping for my upcoming ornament/cookie exchange party this weekend is proving to  be an effective method for getting me into the holiday spirit. Not to mention I found some really lovely classical guitar Christmas tunes that I cannot stop listening to. Today, I am sharing a select few of my holiday favorites. Enjoy!

Illume cedar candle. This candle is AMAZING. I found it years ago at an Anthropologie and have bought one for nearly everyone I know at some point or another. It literally smells like Christmas and the scent lasts for years. This is an extra-large size with over 40 hours of burn time. Happiness in this candle.

Samsung nx300 Mirrorless Camera. This looks amazing and I have heard great things about it. It’s small and compact and is touted to take incredible photos. Added bonus– you can switch out the lenses! I love this because my phone does not take the best photos. This is lightweight, small, and as close as you can get to a DSLR without having to lug around a bulky piece of equipment.

Le Labo Perfume. This perfume line has a cult following, and rightly so as it is pretty much the most amazing perfume in the world. It is a little pricey, but worth every penny. I love scents of all kinds and this perfume is pretty much perfection. This one is also a favorite and makes me feel like I am dancing around a campfire in the middle of a deep green forest. *swoon*

Gray Rock Soap. The mother of one of my co-workers started this company upon retirement. This is seriously amazing soap. It is 100% organic and sustainable. All materials are grown on the family ranch or sourced from the free-roaming animals (i.e., goat milk and honey). They even use essential oils pressed from plants grown on-site. It smells amazing, makes skin super soft and clean, and has a super low carbon footprint. I love!

Fitbit Flex. I am so  curious to know how many miles I walk each time I am on practicum (I literally think my office is .5 miles from the hospital wing that I do clinical work in, and I walk back and forth at least 2 times each time I am there. Not to mention the dozens of floors of stairs I climb. I am digging the flex because it is small enough to still wear with my beloved Kate Spade Gramercy watch.

Membership to the Actor’s Theater of Charlotte. See previous post for more info. I cannot recommend this one enough!

Manduka Yoga Mats. In my experience, once you commit to upgrading to a quality and lasting mat you either become a Jade lover or a Manduka lover. I was lucky enough to receive my first Manduka (a PRO nonetheless), from my awesome sister-in-law several years ago at Christmas. It is like the Cadillac of yoga mats. It has just a little extra length and width  than the typical mat, a little more cushioning than my first Gaiam, and comes with a life-long guarantee. Manduka has since released a PROlite mat (just a little less thick and about half the cost) and the eKO mat which is made of all recycled materials and is super grippy. You cannot go wrong with any of these options!

Glossier Skin Care. I recently discovered the Skin Perfecting Tint and am in love. It feels like nothing, looks super natural, and does not clog my acne prone skin. I was sent samples of their moisturizer and masks with my initial purchase and loved them as well. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their line. And I love their philosophy of skincare as makeup. Because that is how it should be. You can use the link for 20% off you order.

Anything Anthropoligie or Papaya Art. I feel like this doesn’t need much explaining. Anthro is pretty much a feast for all senses and much like the happy little space inside my imagination came to life in a store. I worked at Free People back in the day and have been into the brand ever sense. I am really into anything that Anahata Katkin does and could spend a very long time looking at the beautiful images on her site and blog. Her style has been incredible inspirational in the evolution as a painter and mixed media artist. She also inspired my recent obsession with making greeting cards 🙂


What items are on your favorites list this year?

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