Inspiration has traditionally been discussed as a passive factor beyond our control. Something which comes to us from an otherworldly, external source and settles into us when we are ready. When we are worthy. In many ways we have been encouraged to stop trying so hard to wrangle it and wrestle it into submission. Inspiration… Continue reading Inspiration



How often do you think of yourself as pursuing a creative profession? I have to admit that in a Psychology graduate program, that was a hard leap to make at first. “Creative professional” were not the first words that came to mind. “Scientist”? Yes. “Helping professional”? Definitely. “Part Full-time Nerd”? I wear that label with… Continue reading Creativity


Weekend Watchlist

  Happy Friday! I woke today to a beautiful 1 inch or so of and, accordingly, the city of Charlotte is officially shut down. Coming from Washington, DC this never fails to make me laugh (especially since they and so much of the Northeast is in the midst of a blizzard–stay warm and safe everyone!),… Continue reading Weekend Watchlist