Some things I believe right now…

mom and dad tree

Right now, I believe….

that we are all exactly where we need to be and doing what we are supposed to do for this unique and special time in our development.

that everything is going to work out completely and fully.

that we are truly and inherently connected to one another, to all who came before, and all who will come after and therefore, no matter what happens it is the right thing for this moment in time.

that we need to take risks, get dirty, go into the weeds and the muck to learn, grow, and transform.

that the greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of absolute presence and authenticity.

that trusting ourselves– and trusting the process– is what it is all about.

that I am truly blessed, honored, and privileged to have the opportunity to inhabit this body, at this time, and in this moment.  An infinitesimal amount of factors had to line up for me to even have the opportunity to be here and write this sentence. What a gift this life is!



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