The wounds within us



I made this platter the other week as a gift for a friend who is getting married. After firing it, I found that it cracked in the kiln. This happens sometimes, if there is an air bubble or a small hairline crack. It comes with the territory.

I thought it was a beautiful reminder to reflect on my relationship with the wounds and cracks within.

Rumi said “the wound is the place where Light enters you”. The wound. The cracks. The very places we often try the hardest to avoid or push away. Those very places are where Light enters you. They are the key to our healing, transformation, and freedom.

The Light is drawn to the places that hurt the most. The Light uses our wounds, cracks, pain, and imperfections to pour itself into. Our healing begins at the exact spot where the pain began and continues to reside. It is by leaning into the pain that we begin to allow ourselves to be transformed.

Our wounds and cracks are the portal for Light to create wholeness of body, mind, and Spirit, which is our birthright to receive. From here, like the dawn breaking over the horizon, golden rays of brilliant hope can fill each cracked, empty, and confused place within us. It was meant for us today. In this very moment to receive and to use to create transformation in ourselves that will radiate out to transform the world.

I wish you peace, ease, and courage to lean into the places within that are calling for Light and transformation. And with this, may you know love, peace, and Light. May you know God.


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