Weekend Watchlist

naughty list

I hope you all had an amazing week! Mine was quite good. I worked through the think of “finals season”, finishing up two term papers and two large presentations and was officially published for the first time (YAY!). I still have an online final and a large paper due on Wednesday, but it feels good to begin looking back at all of the work I have put in with satisfaction. This semester was particularly stressful from a personal standpoint and had drastic ups and downs. It feels so so nice to be nearing the end of this chapter. I have learned much with regards to school and myself, and have grown in many ways; however, this semester is one chapter which I am pleased to move on from. I am beginning to prep for a party I am hosting tomorrow and our holiday visit home to see our families next week and am growing excited!

Here what caught my eye this week:

1// Pretty Holiday Gift Tags

Ona Befort is a wonderfully generous artist and frequently shares free printables of her amazing work. These gift tags are adorable and sure to make any wrapped gift extra special.


2// Extra Large Prize Ribbons

Oh Happy Day is a pretty famous blog among the DIYers and crafty folk. I love these prize ribbons. What a neat way to celebrate an accomplishment. My grad program used to create small posters for each student when they completed their milestones (i.e., thesis proposal/defense, dissertation proposal/defense, etc) but has fallen away from the practice. I am thinking that making a special XL prize ribbon to commemorate these occasions could be a nice way to bring the tradition back!


3// Jeff Goldbloom Gives Some Pointers on Receiving Gifts

This video is great. My cousin, Millie, shared it with me when she came to visit a few weeks ago. I love Jeff Goldbloom. I love this video. It makes me laugh every time.


4// NPR Best Books 2015

If you know me, it is no surprise that reading is probably my favorite hobby. I am always down for a great book, especially to bide the time while I wait for the final installment in the Passage trilogy. I was driving home this week and heard a bit about the NPR book concierge matrix. It is amazing. You can search by favorite genre or interest, combine genres and interests (i.e., SciFi/Fantasy with Eye-Opening with Seriously Great Writing) to find titles that are perfect for you. I picked up and finished Uprooted by Naomi Novic per their recommendation yesterday. It was a super fast read (I obsessively read it cover to cover in an evening) and reminded me vaguely of Beauty and the Beast (with lots of magic thrown in and set in Russia). I hope she writes a squeal!


5// Serial Returns

I have heard so much hype around this podcast. I have not checked it out myself, but have received at least 10 different recommendations to check it out. Since my drive to the hospital 2x/week is over an hour each way, I am always looking for good audio-books or podcasts. I am looking forward to checking this out soon!


What have you been into this week?



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