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Holiday Gift Guide- For the Graduate Student


phd or graduate student holiday gift guide


I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and share some gift guides for this holiday season. Up first, gifts for the graduate/PhD student in your life. These selections are of high quality, are long lasting, will leave an impact, and surely be appreciated.


1// Personalized correspondence cards are always an appropriate gift. Writing on and sending personalized stationary is a diminishing art and one should not underestimate the impact of writing handwritten notes following interviews or to thank a professor for going out of their way to help in some way. Whether you choose to include the graduate students title (an especially lovely option if they are a recently minted PhD), choose a traditional monogram, or simply use their name, this gift will surely please and will prove quite useful for future endeavors. I own this set and love it. This is also a fantastic option.

2// Cuff links are always a great option for men. There are so many fun ones available, but this pair is both understated and classy. Perfect for any conference, interview, or formal event.

3// If you want your PhD student to feel special, to provide motivation to continue working toward graduation, or to celebrate a successful defense, a personalized glass or mug with their current or future title etched or engraved is an excellent option.

4// Initial necklace. This is simple, can be dressed up or down, and will never go out of style. Perfect for the student of any age.


On the Go

1// Monogrammed luggage tags are sure to be appreciated for all business and leisure travel.

2// A rolling suitcase (splurge) (save) is a most welcome accessory for business trips and conference presentations. Likewise, a quality garment bag used to store suits and professional business attire is essential (less expensive option).

3// A chic travel bag to hold personal items and technology (and that spare pair of flats to change into once the interview/presentation is over) is a must. The Lo & Sons O.M.G. bag provides organization and protection from the elements. A larger size is also available. As an added bonus, there is a sleeve which can be used to fit over a luggage handle. This tote by Longchamp will forever be in style. If you are looking for a more traditional purse that can be used in meetings or at presentations, this bag and this bag are great options.

4// Men will love this leather messenger bag. It is well-made and can be used both traveling and on the job.

5// A quality wallet will surely help one feel professional. I love both this option and this option. This bifold is a great option for men.



1// A tablet is an amazing gift at any point. Used to check email, update calendars, read and edit documents, or play Candy Crush, this is sure to be a highly utilized gift. Apple offers this smaller version. Drew test drove this Microsoft model in the store and loved it. Finally, I have been using this Samsung model for the past three years (also available in a larger size) and have found it essential to boosting my methods of productivity and procrastination.

2// A phone case is always a great option. This iPhone case offers extended battery life.

3// Any and all photo opportunities can be captured either with a new DSLR camera or with this sleeker and more portable option.


Planning and Time

1// A paper planner will forever be useful. This zip-option is an upgrade and this one can be personalized. Moleskine planners are forever chic, and I have loved using this Lilly planner (so much fun with the prints and stickers) in the past.

2// Nothing says professional like a watch. I love love love my Kate Spade Seaport watch. The Gramercy is an amazing option as well. This option has a nice night vision feature for him.


For the Home

1// Most time now-a-days is spent in front of the computer reading, editing, and researching. Why not invest in a nice office chair (or ball)?

2// Nice bedding and monogrammed towels are always amazing gifts- for graduate students and not!

3// Nothing helps boost confidence better than a steamer to eliminate wrinkles. This portable steamer is a must-have for business/conference travel.


I hope you enjoy! I would love to hear what you think about these selections. Grad students, what would you add to this list?

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