…and we’re back! This semester is crazy crazy crazy and I have neglected this little portion of hyperspace. So, lets bring it back ūüôā

We had an awesome weekend. First, it finally stopped raining and we saw the sun for what seems like the first time in weeks. Riding the Vitamin D high, we were thrilled to welcome my friend/cousin Millie and her husband, Michael, for the weekend. Michael, or should I say “The Beast”, came down from Charlottesville, VA to run in a Spartan obstacle-course race in South Carolina. I had never heard of these races, but hearing a little more about them from M & M, they¬†sound very intense! There are several different types (i.e., a sprint 5k and 8k) and this¬†was a half-marathon with over 30 obstacles thrown in for “fun” along the way (such as climbing a rope with no knots, crawling under barbed wire in freezing water, and throwing a spear in true spartan style). This is Michael’s third of the year. After completing all three different races, he is officially the proud owner of the title of “Spartan Trifecta Beast”.

Congrats, Mike–you are officially very in shape. May your heart live long and prosper, which I think¬†it will.

As yoga is more my thing I stayed home and hung out with Millie. It was great–she taught me about essential oils, we played games, and watched John Oliver. I did absolutely no work and it was glorious!

I continued self-care Saturday into Sunday, brunching at the Crispy Crepe with Alyssa and checking out the Pop-Up Vintage Charlotte Market at the NC Music Factory. It was lovely and I am feeling quite recharged as I sit here, sipping hot apple cider and preparing to work.

All weekends should be this lovely. Here’s to a happy, stress-free, and dry week.


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