Summer Reading

Summer is here!

I have been loving having a brief break before returning to work next week. Drew and I spent some time in Orlando with two friends gallivanting around Harry Potter World at Universal Studios which was an absolute blast. Traveling is one of our favorite ways to celebrate things and taking a yearly trip at the end of the school year is becoming a much loved tradition. I will post pictures from that adventure soon.

In the meantime, I have been enjoying my summer break by immersing myself in reading. Growing up I was one of the “weird” ones (and now I note that “weird” was code for “awesome”). When the rest of my classmates would look at our summer reading lists with disgust and disdain, I would become extremely excited at the prospect of having the opportunity to discover new books, new authors, be introduced to new characters and worlds, and immerse myself in new stories.

Things haven’t changed much. Ask me how I like to spend my evenings and I will tell you I prefer to be curled up with a book, on the couch, traveling to distant lands in my imagination. While we may no longer be assigned formal summer reading lists, I thought I would put together a little list of my own. Here are some of the books I am looking forward to reading this summer. Good Omens is the read for our June book club.

What are you looking forward to reading this summer?


Outliers//The Last Lecture//Ishmael

Good Omens//Hallucinations//The House of Mirth

Quiet//The Silkworm//My Stroke of Insight

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