Delicious Anti-inflammatory Immune Boosting Tonic

Delicious Anti-inflammatory Immune Boosting Tonic

It is no secret that most diets contain artificial colors, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, etc. etc. etc. In addition to just sounding terrible, over the course of time all of this combines with environmental toxins to put serious strain on our bodies and immune systems.

Many people subscribe by juicing or cleanses to increase energy and help the body to break down and remove these toxins by flooding the body with raw vitamins and nutrients. I have done juice cleanses many times and love them. An equally beneficial (and maybe slightly less vogue) way to help heal the body is through tonics. The medicinal usees of herbal tonics have been recorded for centuries. For years, I have enjoyed brewing my own tonics and healing tinctures and would like to begin a series where I share recipes.

We will begin with my favorite “awakening blend”. As a long-lover of coffee I swear that this completely has replaced my need for caffeine in the morning and after drinking, I feel more awake and refreshed than I ever did on coffee.

To start, combine a lemon and both aloe juice and alkaline water to form a clean, hydrating, and ionized base. If you do not have alkaline water  try to use filtered water- the addition of lemon to water has natural alkalizing properties.

Next, add some root of turmeric (or approximately 3/4 tsp turmeric powder). Turmeric is a super root that helps to fight and reduce inflammation and infection and treat digestive problems.

Add a few vanilla beans or pure vanilla extract. In addition to giving the whole drink a smooth consistency, vanilla bean helps to regulate metabolism and aid in the process of enzyme synthesis and nervous system functioning.

Add approximately 1-2 tbs of cayenne pepper. Capsicum (cayenne pepper) is a super herb which is used to ease digestive problems, stimulate blood flow, ease pain, and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. It is also incredibly effective in giving you enough of a kick to wake you up in the morning in lieu of caffeine and keep you going throughout the day.

Finally, I included coconut sugar/nectar in this picture as well. Should you choose to sweeten your tonic to aid consumption and allow for a pleasant sipping experience, I recommend either this, agave, or Stevia. Try not to use any more than about 1 tsp to ensure low fructose content.

I like to juice the lemon, turmeric root, aloe, and vanilla bean in a juicer and then add the water and remaining spices to the mix. It is absolutely delicious and you can add bits of water throughout the day to make it last. I swear by it each morning and have found myself to feel much more refreshed, clean, and balanced if I start my day off with this mixture.

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