Full Moon in Cancer

We are strongly influenced by the rhythms and energy of the earth. The following is from the lovely and luminous Shakti Sunfire.

Full Moon in Cancer Asks : Slow down. Balance. Receive. Where falls the next soft step?

The Cancer Full Moon on January 15-16 speaks to the power of your emotions. Feelings are your indicators. Feelings show you that you are on the right path. Feelings demonstrate what is true for you. You create music, art and writing from the passion of your feelings. Cancer rules feelings. Cancer is about your soul power. You are being asked to pull up your personal power. Allowing your feelings to guide you because your feelings are your truth. Being balanced in your male and female energy will empower you.”

Ritual Suggestion : Wide-angle vision. Cancer asks us to drop down into our emotional body, into our softness, our receptive self, and our deep feminine. Wide-angle vision is a practice best experienced in nature, that allows us to soften masculine targeted vision into a wide field receptive to information and new messages.

Go for a walk in nature – in the woods, out on the beach, in your neighborhood park – and begin to soften your focus to see peripherally as well as in front of you. Be aware of all that you can take in. The quality of the light, a small bird or animal, a sense of harmony. Feel into the practice. Notice. Breathe. Absorb. Balance.

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