Happy 2014! The internet has been filled with new resolutions over the past week and I have been enjoying perusing what others are vowing to do this year. This posting was one of my favorites. If I can embody or accomplish even a quarter of what is listed, it will be an amazing year. One of my goals this year is to take more pictures. I stumbled across this blog this past year and loved everything about it, especially the idea sharing a photos of each child, each week for the entire year. We have no children yet (though Mila would argue otherwise) so this project will be slightly modified. Here is my start with a few from Christmas sprinkled in because they make me smile. Week 1/52. Photos of our week, each week, for a year.

1. DSCN4216 2. DSCN4217 3. DSCN4218 4. DSCN4219 5. DSCN42206.1.1.2014.ready creek 7. DSCN4228  8. 1.3.2013.charlotte checkers 9. DSCN4232 10.DSCN4230


1. The tastiest cookies. 2. My love and my brother. 3. Christmas cheer. 4. Our Christmas Eve tradition. 5. A feast of epic proportions. 6. They say what one does the first day of the new year sets the tone for what is to come. Yoga was followed by an awesome meal of Indian delight and disc golf at this beautiful park. This is going to be an excellent year.  7.  These = Heaven. 8.  On January 3 we went to our first AHL game. Officially Checkers fans. 9. Day four- first visit to the Carolina Raptor Center, a mere 8 miles from our home. 10. The best decision of 2012 brought so much joy to us in 2013. Pets add so much love and happiness to a household and I am so grateful for our sweet Mila.