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101 in 1001

100 things

Inspired by Mackenzie Horan’s original idea I have decided to give the 101 in 1001 challenge a go for myself. Here is how it works:

I am keeping a list of 101 things I would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. 1001 days (2.75 years) is thought to be a happy medium between writing a to-do list and keeping a bucket list. It is a way to dream big and make regular progress toward meeting longer term goals. I will do my best to update my progress monthly, and hope you enjoy following along. Here goes!

{1 COMPLETE, 100 TO GO!}

1) Come up with 101 things

2) Put $27.50 in savings for every goal accomplished (1/101)


3) Pay off all credit cards (0/5)

4) Do not shop/make personal purchases for 1 month

5) Complete the 52-week money challenge (0/52)


6) Do not drink alcohol for the year 2016

7) Do not eat sugar for one month

8) Exercise at least 3 times/week for two months

9) Meditate daily for one month

10) Attend weekly meditation meetups for 1 month

11) Get that heart in shape aka reach healthy BMI

12) Drink at least 64 ounces of water/day

13) Run a 5k

14) Go to bed by 10 PM every night for a week

15) Wake up at 6am every morning for a week

16) Try stand-up paddle boarding or paddle board yoga

17) Finish BBG round 1

18) Hike five different mountains (3/5) (Crowders Mountain, 01.2016; Mt. Lemmon, 08.2016; Clingmans Dome, 06.2016)

19) Take a self defense class

20) Take a barre class

21) Take a dance class (other than ballet)


22) Design and create business cards for my blog/artwork

23) Write at least 1 blog post/ month

24) Publish three “how-to” posts (0/3)

25) Publish a guide to Charlotte, NC

26) Publish a guide to Washington, DC

27) Publish a guide to Lewes, DE

28) Start a series on the blog (in the works!)


29) Complete and defend master’s thesis (11.2016)

30) Publish resolution and PTG research paper

31) Publish self-compassion and PTG research paper

32) Publish LGCM paper with Anne Marie and Sara

33) Publish religiousness and inflammation paper

34) Attend the Mind and Life Summer Research Institute (06.2016)

35) Complete and defend research comps

36) Complete and defend clinical comps (06.2016)

37) Propose dissertation

38) Apply for internship

39) Complete coursework


40) Call family once/week for at least 2 months

41) Visit family at least once outside of the holiday season (10.2016)

42) Send unexpected care packages to siblings

43) Go on a trip with my entire family

44) Send flowers to my grandmother, mother, and mother-in-law one day, out of the blue


45) Respond to text messages and voice mails my friends leave

46) Call good friends at least 1 time per season (4x per year)

47) Host ornament/cookie exchange holiday party (12.2016)

48) Host craft party

49) Send birthday cards

Charlotte, NC

50) Spend a day at the Mint Art Museum Uptown

51) Spend a day at the Bechler Museum of Modern Art

52) Check out the Body Exhibit at Discovery Place (03.2016)

53) Discover ten new restaurants (5/10) Cowfish, 06.2016; Futo Buta, 07.2016; Copper, 08.2016; Boiling Pot, 11.2016; Fern Flavors from the Earth, 01.2017

54) Spend a day with Drew at the Whitewater Center

55) Go to the farmers market at least 5 times in one summer

56) Attend an off-Broadway performance in Charlotte

57) Attend three plays at the Actors Theater (2/3) Toxic Avenger 11.2016; Great American Trailer Park Christmas, 12.2016

58) Go to a Panthers game (NFL)

59) Go to a Knights game (baseball)


60) Visit Claire in Providence, RI

61) Travel to a new state Two new states- CO and AZ, 08.2016

62) Visit Caleb

63) Visit five new cities (3/5) Denver, CO, 08.2016;  Tucson, AZ, 08.2016; Williamsburg, VA, 10.2016

64) Take a trip to Los Angeles to see Christina

65) Go on a roadtrip


66) Buy a meal for a stranger

67) Pay it forward to an unsuspecting recipient

68) Donate to a Kickstarter/Go Fund Me campaign I believe in

69) Find a charity to donate monthly

70) Leave a 100% tip for excellent service

71) Buy a table of strangers dinner anonymously

72) Pay a strangers Lay-Away balance


73) Create a photobook from 2015, 2016, 2017

74) Send homemade/hand-designed Christmas cards

75) Host a small gallery show displaying my paintings

76) Re-vamp Etsy site with paper and chalkboard goods

77) Participate in a local craft show/holiday popup market

Around the House/ Organization

78) Throw away/donate at least 20 things

79) Keep my room clean/clutter free for one month

80) Clean my car and keep it tidy for one month

81) Spiff up the living room and our bedroom

82) Organize Gmail and unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists

Personal & Just for Fun

83) Spend at least 45 min with Drew each evening eating dinner

84) Spend at least one day with Drew/week (no work/no electronics)

85) Read at least 100 non-school books (0/100)

86) Celebrate 6 year anniversary with Drew doing something fabulous

87) Watch twenty documentaries (0/20)

88) Invest in a DSLR-camera

89) Go through one calendar month without biting/picking nails

90) Watch Seasons 1-9 of Dr. Who from the recent release (0/9)

91) Attend a classical music concert

92) Read five classic novels (0/5)

93) Write in my “One Line a Day book” every night for at least three months

94) Pick apples at an apple orchard

95) Carve a pumpkin (and roast the seeds)

96) Buy a house

97) Have a picnic

98) Learn to drive a manual car

99) Learn to play five songs on my Ukulele (0/5)

100) Go one month without checking social media or phone upon waking

101)  Go one week without complaining