Weekend Watchlist

I am in the processing of packing to go home for the holidays and wanted to post a quick update before leaving. I am happy to report that I successfully finished the semester of school! Since coming to grad school, I have really tried to reframe the way I think, not aiming as much for “A’s” (though they are nice to receive) but rather focusing on learning. Basically, this means if I end the semester with a B, but really took alot away from the course and feel I will be able to integrate it into my professional life, I am OK with it. This mentality took awhile to adopt (and honestly, sometimes I feel like I am still working on it), but it has really helped me to let go of the stress and competitive spirit that can accompany grad school and has helped me to enjoy the ride more 🙂 That being said, I haven’t even looked at all my grades yet (GASP), but I know I passed the semester, I have learned quite alot, and I feel I have continued to grow as a student, future professional, and spouse. All in all, I would say it was a success 🙂 More on all of this later, but in the meantime….

Here is what has been on my radar recently….

ONE// Two words…BABY SLOTHS!

This has to be one of the cutest videos ever. I love animals, especially baby animals. I also love sloths. This video just might take the cake for one of the most adorable animal videos of the year. Just try and watch it without saying or thinking “Aww” at least once…..

TWO// UPS Driver for a Day

This is so sweet. This little boy is adorable and his earnest excitement and love for Mr. Ernie the delivery man are just precious. And when he throws his hands onto his face in shock? I just about lost it. This will make you feel so warm and happy. What a brilliant campaign by UPS.

THREE// Happy Chanukah!

The holiday season is usually inundated with Christmas carols, but, as Adam Sandler so eloquently pointed out in the classic “Eight Crazy Nights”, songs celebrating Chanukah are lacking in the popular media. Well, Six13 is aiming to change that this year with their amazing parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” all about the festival of lights. This is amazing and has to be the BEST cover of the year of Ms Swift’s song. Enjoy!

FOUR// Charlotte’s Edible Walkway

I saved the best for last. In local news, the historic Wilmore neighborhood marks the first in Charlotte to plant an entirely edible walkway, filled with fruit and nut trees, for people to enjoy. The idea stemmed from noticing local children walking up the street to get “food”, only to see them returning from a grocery store with processed and sugar-laden food. The hope is that this path will provide a natural and sustainable source of food for all people to enjoy. Kudos to you, Charlotte. This is an AMAZING idea and one that I hope catches fire. We have access to so many wonderful natural food sources and this is a small step in working to help reconnect people with nature and where their food comes from. It is also a really promising step in working to create a sustainable future for our children. I hope your local communities are able to adopt similar ideas.

Whats on your radar this week?

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