Cape Cod Weekend

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Drew and I had the most fabulous time last weekend celebrating the marriage of our two friends, Kat and Sam, in Cape Cod, MA. It was my first time to the area and it could not have been a more beautiful weekend! We arrived late Wednesday night and checked into our hotel in Falmouth, MA. The next day was the wedding, but we woke up early and spent the day exploring the town. It is absolutely adorable and if you are ever in the area I encourage you to check it out. It is absolutely quintessential small New England town, complete with a Boulangerie/Patisserie where Drew and I enjoyed a cafe au lait and croissant du chocolat, Tres bon!

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Our lunch at the Pickle Jar Kitchen was delicious. Our drinks were served in adorable mason jar glasses. My salad with brussel sprouts and roasted pumpkin seeds and Drew’s with roasted tofu and cranberries were quite good and the portions were generous. Our meal  would not have been complete without sampling the signature pickle platter which had about 6 different varieties of pickled vegetables. My favorite were the jalapeno pickled mushrooms. Yum!

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After lunch we took the opportunity to hike over to Old Silver Beach and the Cornelia Carey Sanctuary (The Knob). I highly recommend both if you are in the area. The water at Old Silver Beach was absolutely clear and beautiful. The way the sun reflected off the water gave it a silver sheen for which the location must have been named.

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The Cornelia Carey Sanctuary is truly a special place. It was raining a little when we arrived and, as a result, we were the only people out hiking which was amazing because it felt like we had the entire area to ourselves. The hike contains lots of trails through the woods and many opportunities for glimpses of the ocean and cape through peep-holes in the trees. At the end of the peninsula, you have the option to hike out to “the knob” (which is aptly named) and from there the views are breathtaking.

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Our hike ended and we returned to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. The wedding itself was lovely and Kat could not have been a more beautiful bride. She wore a stunning custom gown with a sheer, beaded, corset top and fitted mermaid bottom. Her bouquet was comprised of sunflowers which brought lovely color to the rainy day. Sam and Kat are the perfect couple and we were so honored to share in the celebration of their union. Congratulations, you two!

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We spent the rest of our weekend exploring the cape. We were able to make it to Provincetown, Chatam, Eastham, and Plymouth. I loved Provincetown. It is such a funky and liberal little arts town and I can definitely see us returning to spend a weekend there in the future. The weather was perfect-right around 70 degrees the entire weekend- and except for the wedding day itself, the skies were clear and sunny. It was off season so there were not any beach crowds to fight and we just had a lovely time exploring together. We were also able to make it to Dedham, MA to have a delicious dinner at Legal Seafoods with my Uncle Paul and cousins Elizabeth and Anna. It was absolutely wonderful to see them and we definitely need to plan another trip to Boston soon!

It is not often Drew and I are able to take off 4 days to explore and hang out. I can’t think of anyone else I would have rather spent the time with. We had a blast. Three cheers for beautiful weddings and amazing weekends!

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