On My Radar

It is a beautiful day here in Charlotte, NC and the perfect way to begin fall break. I plan to work for much of the break (NSF, Ford Fellowship, and research grant applications do not allow for much rest), but I am looking forward to the potential of going to the pumpkin patch or apple picking with friends! On my radar this week is…


Waterlogue Macarons

I think I might be arriving a little late to this party, but the waterlogue app looks amazing and it certainly seems like it is worth the $3. Unfortunately, I have a Windows phone and it does not appear to be compatible with my OS. Frustrating. A little research suggests that there might be some apps for Windows Phones but I will have to look into them to see how they compare. I will report back.


This radio station rocks. Based out of Towson University in Towson, MD, I have never been disappointed while listening. The selection of songs is totally unique and eclectic and I have discovered many new artists through this station (I first heard the Fleet Foxes played on this station about a year before they got really popular). Note: It is worth checking out Weasel’s Wild Weekend on Saturday’s from 12PM-3PM. He DJ’d at DC’s iconic HFS for ages and his show usually combines totally unique song selections with interesting stories and history of the artists/time period. Drew and I like listening to this as we go about our day on Saturday.

THREE//Jessica Simpson’s Home

jessicasimpson home

As Drew and I have been casually perusing the real estate marker in Charlotte, we have seen some really beautiful homes and some really not so beautiful homes. This link to Jessica Simpson’s home is  something else and is really lovely. It is not exactly as I would like my own home to be, but the outside is gorgeous and I like some of the architectural details in the inner home. If you like it as well you are in luck–it is for sale and can be yours for a mere $8,000,000!

FOUR// Postcards for Ants

I love art and have always been fascinated by people who make “tiny things”. Lorraine Loots has started a project where she paints “postcards for ants” each day. The precision and detail is amazing (how does her hand stay so still?!) and the idea is intriguing. You can even reserve a day if you so desire. 

FIVE// Dropbox Tricks

As a grad student, dropbox is essential to my survival. I have mainly used it to store articles, documents, and music but the If This Then That (IFTTT) feature is intriguing and I might try to see how I can use it to back up and save pictures.



Fall is my favorite time of the year and it is here! The perfect time of the year to have some version of pumpkin or apple in every meal. This post contains a recipe for apple cider and apple chips and looks absolutely delicious. I am definitely going to be testing this out.

SEVEN// The Perfect Gallery Wall


I have seen so many blogs featuring beautifully arranged gallery walls and have wondered how they are arranged so well. I always figured it was just a result of an artistic eye. This post shares secrets, tricks, and a step-by-stepish process so that everyone can have a killer gallery wall in their home.

What has been on your radar this week? Anything cute, interesting, funny, or beautiful?

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