we have arrived.

I thought I was an expert at moving. By the time I turned 23 I had lived in eight different places throughout Northern VA (with a small stint in Philadelphia sprinkled in for good measure). Moving was no big deal. Pack things up, load them into a truck, drive/deliver, unload and unpack. A nice dinner at the end of it all. Bing. bang. done.

Was it easy? No. But when the whole family is chipping in each step of the way (and when you are really only responsible for packing up *your* things from a household of 7), the saying “many hands makes light work” becomes a reality.

Was it fun? At times. Call me what you will, but there is true satisfaction to be found in placing perfectly folded linens, clothes, knick-knacks, etc. in a box just so. That Sam Cooke playlist makes the packing experience a dancing delight and final satisfaction (set to, perhaps, a righteous babe chick-rock playlist) comes when unpacking and marveling in how the box was packed like the most epic game of Tetris – ever. *Sigh*

Was it hot? Always. I guess it makes sense to move in the summer. School is out, people are on vacation, and those trying to lose weight can look forward to a day in which you sweat out 5 gallons of water and then, even though you are staying hydrated, the stores of fat inside your body begin to liquefy and come out through your pores because it is SO. darn. hot. A win-win for everyone. (I love air-conditioning. I love fans. I am so thankful to have access to both. End of paragraph).

But this time it was different. I did not have my family to help me. Drew was working and I took care of most everything on my own.

Was it easy? No. I have a whole new respect for my mother who packed up our entire house-hold over 5 times when we were growing up. She was working with two-plus bedroom homes. I was working with a one-bedroom apartment. She made it all happen in the same amount of time (or less), while working, with no complaints. Mom, you are an angel. Much respect.

Was it fun. At times. Especially when Analisse and Mary helped out. And when my dad drove down with my sisters, the cat, and the turtle to help me get settled in. And when I rediscovered that righteous babe chick rock playlist. I eagerly look forward to the karaoke invitations which I *know* my neighbors will be extending my way soon….that rendition of  Alanis Morissette’s “Hand in My Pocket” was on-point.

Was it hot? OF COURSE. We moved from DC to North Carolina during the heat of the summer. I need not say any more.

Was it worth it? YES!! We are HERE! Orientation is on Friday and school starts MONDAY! Eight years ago I didn’t even know if I would finish school and now I am going to be a graduate student studying something I am passionate about. I am excited, nervous, eager, anxious, and curious. I want to make a difference, contribute intellectually to the field of psychology, meet new people, create a flourishing life for us here and rock this grad-school experience out!

I am SO GRATEFUL that Drew’s company helped us by providing a moving service. I am also thankful that it took two weeks for our things to arrive. I never knew how productive one could be sitting in a house with nothing but a cup of coffee, a cat, a camping chair, and research articles to keep you company. Grad school- watch out- my reading over these last several weeks have been largely un-distracted and my only source of entertainment- I am ready for you.

And in the end, despite all of my excitement for new beginnings, school, new dwellings, etc., it is Drew I am most thankful for. He is the greatest husband. Ever. He gave up a great job at a great company, surrounded by people he loved, to leave all of his friends and come here to North Carolina with me so I could follow my dream. He is postponing his dream of having a family to support me while go through this for the next 5 or so years. He has been unfailingly patient and caring when listening to me express my insecurities, fears, excitements, and hopes. I am so so lucky to have him and I know that whatever happens in this new phase of life, as long as I have him and we are together, every little thing will be alright.

Here’s to new beginnings!!

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