A Whirlwind Weekend Success

This weekend was BUSY! Following a lovely Fourth of July weekend which included tea time in celebration of my grandmothers birthday, a visit from Drew’s dear friend Rink, San Antonio native, 4th festivities at the lake in Montclair, and the beautiful wedding of my cousin Brendan (pictures to come soon!), Drew and I spent  Sunday-Tuesday driving down to Charlotte, around the city and suburbs, and back on a quest to find a new place to live. At the end, with about 1,200 miles driven in three days and little sleep, I am happy to report our journey was a success!

We found an amazing realtor over the internet who was amazing and showed us around the city to over 12 different homes. Seriously, this woman, Jennifer McNeill who works for Coldwell Banker in the Arboretum (Matthews) location was a saint. I was fishing in the dark for months, looking up homes/apartments on Craigslist, Apartment Finder, Hotpads, etc. and contacting dozens of different places to no avail with no response. It was becoming discouraging, disheartening, and was making our whole move incredibly stressful. Jen saw a comment I sent through a website and contacted me back, saying she knew how difficult it was to move to a new city and did not want us to have to do so blind. She sent suggestions, booked appointments, and played the ever patient role of tour guide as we drove through the eastern surrounding areas of the city. Karma, be GREAT to this woman, for she spent over 6 hours with us out of the goodness of her heart, making little to no commission, all with a kind and cheery attitude. THANK YOU JEN! If any of you readers are in the Charlotte area, look this woman up – she is amazing and her services should certainly be utilized!

We viewed over 12 homes, with 11 of them proving unlivable (either due to the area being dangerous, the homes having been smoked in, or from lack of care leading to less than desirable living spaces). Fortunately, persistence payed off and we found a new place to call home in the Charlotte area. The pieces are coming together and we couldn’t be more excited as this next chapter in our lives unfolds. More to come in the future, but for now, I leave you with a opening preview of our new home ❤


1 thought on “A Whirlwind Weekend Success”

  1. Thank you so much for giving me props! I am so happy for you two and your sweet fur baby!! :)) I really appreciate the kind words and heartfelt note. You are too kind. Hope you all will make some of the best memories there!


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